MANGO Consult takes its corporate responsibility in supporting

  • Foundation REDCAPA Internationaal;
  • Some small infrastructural projects in emerging countries;
  • A few cultural events and sports.
Collaboration with REDCAPA
MANGO Consult's director was involved in education projects since 1987 and acts as the international director of REDCAPA, -an association of universities in developing countries- since 1994. Since 2007, MANGO Consult manages "Stichting REDCAPA Internationaal", a foundation registered in the Netherlands that maintains REDCAPA and also supports small size development projects in various countries.
From 1994 through 2011, REDCAPA ran distance education in Spanish and Portuguese and since 1996, so called a-synchronous learning networks favored thousands of students on the internet, principally in post-graduate courses on agricultural and rural development tutored by member universities. REDCAPA was the first to execute such courses in Latin America.
In a collaboration between the UNAM of Mexico, the UNALM of Peru and REDCAPA, an eleven year project from 2004 through 2014 supports the full institutionalization of the "Doctorate in the Economics of Natural Resources and Sustainable Development". This innovative course has now entered its fourth promotion with the participation of 15 students from 6 Andean countries.
REDCAPA has now created a small fund to support the primary education especially of poor girls in emerging countries. Some schools have been constructed and others are presently being built in some African countries.
Latest project proposal that REDCAPA needs your support for!
In collaboration with Stichting REDCAPA Internationaal, MANGO Consult supplied clean drinking water by way of boreholes to some 4,000 people in 25 hamlets of poor rural Sekyere Afram Plains in Ashanti, Ghana. A holistic project was conceptualized with the district health and education departments and funds are currently being sought for a clinic, two schools and staff housing for health workers and school teachers as well as for activities directed at structurally raising the income levels of the inhabitants. Please see the description of the project proposal at
MANGO Consult is happy to once in a while support small cultural events, the publication of books or a local sports team.

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