The mango tree presents embracing branches.

The MANGO Consult branches are carefully pruned to render most fruits. The most important branches are:

Health care projects:

From 2005 through 2008, MANGO Consult did a number of feasibility studies of hospitals, physiotherapy and dentistry projects in Mexico, Kenya, Colombia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sudan, Jordan and Ghana such as the one of the Winneba district hospital there that was supported by a 6 million ORET grant.

"An apple of the tropics a day (= a mango), keeps the doctor away".

MANGO Consult now specializes in two major branches of health care:

  • Maternal and Child Health, the MDG's 4 & 5.

Maternal and under five mortality can be reduced by promoting delivery by skilled birth attendants in well equipped health units, stimulate family planning and abortion after care and a series of measures during antenatal and postnatal care. Comprehensive emergency obstetric care can often more efficiently be enhanced by upgrading functioning health centres with an operating theatre than by building expensive complete hospitals. Links in the referral system of primary health care can be strengthened by communication and in-service training. In many developing nations, the demand for institutional health care needs to be boosted through health promotion campaigns. Problems due to long distances, lack of roads and means of transport can be mitigated by inviting pregnant women to maternity waiting homes next to CEmONC centres. A summary of a recent application for a grant in this field can be viewed.

  • Tuberculosis control, the MDG 6C.

Following experiences gained in a TB project in Sudan in 2006, MANGO Consult co-founded the initiative. CheckTB promotes early case detection of TB through an innovative diagnostic protocol that includes active screening of clinical and societal risk groups using direct digital X-ray, remote diagnosis and computer aided detection. Please have a look at the web site.

Educational projects:

From 1994 through 2011, REDCAPA (supported by MANGO Consult) organized and executed more than 100 distance education courses on the internet in Latin America in Spanish and Portuguese at graduate and postgraduate level. Recent REDCAPA projects can be viewed under Offshoots.

Rural development and environmental projects:
  • In collaboration with FAO, IICA, IADB, GTZ, CIP, CIAT, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (and its Development Cooperation Department), the governments of most Latin American countries and a number of principal universities and NGO's in that region, a series of projects were designed and executed on rural development (institutional change, training) and management of natural resources (watersheds, natural parks, etc.).
  • A feasibility study of a 20 M domestic waste management and recycling plant was made for a major Chinese city.
Occasional different projects:
  • Projects were prepared on patrol vessels for Djibouti, Angola as well as on other occasional topics.